Swimmer’s Information


An Introduction for New Swimmers

Dane Valley ASC aims to offer a competitive swim programme that lets swimmers grow to the best of their ability with the support of dedicated and qualified swimming coaches. The coaching programme offers swimmers all stages of competitive swimming and gives individuals the basic aquatic skills to progress their competitive swimming career.

Since redesigning the coaching programme in October 2016 swimmers now progress through a number of squads as their technique, speed, ability and stamina improves.  Swimmers are constantly monitored by coaches and when a swimmer appears ready to progress a trial is organised and if successful a swimmer will move up to the next squad (swimmers can also move down a squad, this can be for numerous reasons for example not adhering to squad criteria).

All our coaches are qualified in or training towards the ASA qualification relevant to the level that they coach at.  Most of our coaching staff are volunteers and we are grateful to them for their time and dedication.  As a club we are always looking for help from parents.

A crucial part of monitoring progress in the pool is by swimmers taking part in Open Meets where times achieved in races are recorded. This provides the coaching team with a means of measuring how successful training is for swimmers and an indication that they may be ready to progress to the next squad.

Within the Development squads, swimmers are encouraged to take part in any team competitions that they are selected for and any Open Meets that they can enter, for example Stockport Mini Meet.  Once a swimmer is regularly competing in Open Meets there is potential to qualify for county, regional or even national competitions.  To qualify for one of these meets a swimmer must achieve certain times for an event.


  • Swimming goggles – The standard and quality of these varies greatly, but most of the well known brands provide a selection to choose from.
  • Costumes – Remember! You are training to be a competitive swimmer, not visiting the beach! There are strict rules in acceptable swimwear. Beach shorts and bikinis are not suitable – boys must wear jammers and girls must wear costumes.
  • Swim Hat. An absolute must particularly for those with long hair. Club swim hats are available to purchase – please ask your coach.
  • A towel or two.
  • Floats and pull buoys are provided by the club for swimmers in Development 1 & 2 to use in training sessions.
  • Water bottle. It is very important to keep hydrated during training sessions.
  • Swim Kickboard
  • Swim Pull Buoy
  • Pair of Fins
  • A net bag to put everything into.
  • Please note swimmers will be able to borrow floats and pull buoys until they have had chance to purchase their own.

For galas and other swimming competitions it is recommended that every swimmer brings along spares of each swim item, such as a spare swim costume, hat, goggles and several towels. You never know when a pair of goggles is going to snap! A club shirt and hoodie is available to buy should you wish to.

As Dane Valley ASC are affiliated to Swim England, all of our members are required to pay an annual subscription fee for Swim England membership in addition to the monthly squad fees. Our Membership Secretary will register your child with Swim England using the details you fill in on the Dane Valley ASC membership form.

Monthly squad fees are determined by the squad you swim in; this will be confirmed to you following your trial session.  The club applies a sibling discount for families with more than one child swimming.  

You will receive an email from our Treasurer giving details of what you need to do to set up payment of the monthly fees and how to pay the Swim England subscription.

If you require any further information about the club or useful contacts, please see our website www.danevalleyswimming.org


The following downloads will be supplied in the information pack to new swimmers before they begin.